INKO-TEK as an employer

OOO INKO-TEK is a fast growing company seeking goal-oriented, ambitious, active and creative people able to work in a team, willing to develop their skills and experience.

Working for the Company you will quickly gain unique experience through participation in various projects at production sites of the Russian Federation and abroad.

We welcome those who are willing to join our team of professionals. You have an opportunity to show yourself to be the best candidate for a position within OOO INKO-TEK you are interested in.

If you consider yourself the right person and if you are looking for a job with good prospects, fill and submit the Job Application Form provided in the “Job Opportunities” section

Principles of work with candidates

Dear Job Seekers,

Our collaboration is a very important element of our work.

Respect, good conduct and consideration are the key principles of work which are strictly observed by our employees.

  • Any information provided by you will be treated as confidential and will not be used to your detriment or disclosed to the third parties without your prior consent.
  • We use ethical methods of checking job seekers’ competency and credentials.
  • Everybody has equal possibilities to exercise his or her employment rights. Nobody’s rights and freedom can be restricted and nobody can gain any advantages based on sex, race, skin color, nationality, language, origin, financial, marital , social and employment status, age, place of residence, religious orientation, beliefs, affiliation or non-affiliation to public associations or any social groups and on other circumstances not related to professional qualities of the employee.
  • We do not guarantee your employment but we guarantee that you will be considered as a candidate for the job positions matching your skills.