Implemented projects


Development of a preliminary feasibility study for a Cyclohexane Production Complex construction, including:
  • Analysis of the cyclohexane technology market and development of process configuration cases for the Complex;
  • Defining the key criteria for assessment of the Complex process configurations schemes;
  • Evaluation of worked out process configuration cases against the key criteria list and providing recommendations to the Customer regarding the main design case;
  • Preparation of process flow diagrams of the Complex;
  • Preparation of the overall material balance and material balances for key process units of the Complex;
  • Defining chemical composition and key quality indicators of all products of the Complex;
  • Estimation of the Complex total consumption of utilities, catalysts, reagents;
  • Estimation of the Complex OPEX and target product production costs;
  • Estimation of required capital investments for construction of the key process units of the Complex and off-site facilities;
  • Estimation of the construction period and preparation of the optimal Project financing schedule;
  • Analysis of Project investment efficiency.

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